Interview with Aura Danciulescu

The band Scarlet Aurora has been recently introduced in our magazine. This time we made an interview with the band’s singer, Aura Danciulescu so that you can learn a few things about her. Thanks to Aura for her answers!

When did you started singing? Was there a point in time when you decided that you wanted to be a singer?
I started singing when I was a kid. And I was singing so badly, terrifying actually for my parents that they decided to send me to vocal lessons. Now I know how to scream on the key 🙂 🙂 🙂
The moment I decided to become a singer came naturally after the vocal lessons and all this happened when I was 10 years old.

How did your family feel about your connection with singing? Did they supported you and your dreams?
They always supported me and they always let me to be free and that’s how I started to believe in myself and have my own goals.

When and how did you get to love rock/metal?
I love rock/metal since forever, but started to really adore it when I met Mihai Danciulescu, who is now my husband. He explained me the different styles of rock/metal music and introduced me to the bands that I really love now. I am still discovering myself and my own rock/metal way of living. So you have to stay close to see how I evolve with this.

How did you met the members of Scarlet Aura and how did you become the lead singer?
Me and Mihai were best friends starting from 2010, while we were playing in our former band “Steelborn” and after few years we fell in love, got married and then started a new project with the name “Scarlet Aura”. Catalin and Sorin came later and because we were such good friends it was a perfect moment. And we all became Scarlets.

What reactions do you get in connection with your music in your country and worldwide?
People are thrilled wherever we go and the fanbase is starting to grow. And that’s all because of the beautiful music, fresh energy, because of the props we’re using, and last but not least – because of our sound and image. We are honoured to grow up our name “Scarlet Aura” and that happens because of our fans and we thank them for that.

What is your best experience with Scarlet Aura so far?
The best experience is touring with Tarja Turunen, but also playing next to other huge bands like: Accept, Doro, Nazareth, Gotthard, Helloween, Europe.

Did you have funny and/or strange moments during concerts?
Each concert is different and we always have funny experiences. Like when we were touring with Tarja Turunen, our crew lost our stage clothing luggage. And we had to improvise. We borrowed belts, T-Shirts and make up. Of course, it was stressful, but it was also the funniest part those days.

What can you tell us about your personal life? What do you do for a living? Have you studied something?
I went to University of Bucharest and studied political science and also law school. I also had a few extra courses on diplomacy and national defence. I worked for few years at the Romanian Senate, but starting 2011 I quit all my jobs and projects and dedicated 100% to our music. Mihai is writing & producing the songs and I write lyrics. So this is what I am doing now and this is what I actually do for living. I prepare myself for you guyz, so I can hold the standards high for female fronted rock/metal bands and that needs all the attention, trust me!

What are your plans for the near future?
My plans are the same as Scarlet Aura band. And that is to promote our music worldwide, to sing in each country and each town on this beautiful planet, to write inspirational messages, to promote female fronted movement and last but not least – to remind you all that you’re not alone!

General informations

Date and place of birth: 28.10.1985/ Falticeni

Hometown: Bucharest

Original hair color: light brown

Eye color: brown

Have you got brothers or sisters?
Yes, an amazing sister Mihaela Pohoata, 3-times world champion at gymnastics aerobics.

Hobbies: Love to write, to read, carpentry and painting.


Food: pizza

Drink: red wine

Movie: Gone with the wind

Book: Terry Pratchett, any book.

Singer/Band: Tarja Turunen/Helloween

Colour: Scarlet

Scarlet Aura song: My own nightmare

Country: Romania

Sport: yoga

Pet: 3 cats, Harley, Bijou and Riff

Have you got an idol?
My mother

What was the best day of your life?
The day I married Mihai, 22.09.2012