Patty Gurdy – English version

In our next article we meet Patty Gurdy, who plays the hurdy-gurdy in the German band Storm Seeker, and she has a solo project too. Patty was so kind and answered our questions. We thank her for the cooperation!

When did you started singing and when did you start to play on hurdy gurdy? How did you choose this instrument?
Like most of the singers I know, there is no definite point where you started singing. It‘s something that you just cannot live without. I‘ve always been singing.

I‘ve been playing many instruments since my childhood, but in the summer after I finished school, I totally fell in love with the gurdy and I tried it out at a workshop. At that point I knew I HAD to get one!

How did your family feel about your connection with music? Did they supported you and your dreams?
I am glad that my mother loves music, too, so I had her support. And whatever my mum says, then my dad will follow, so I was lucky to have both of my parents‘ support. Anyways I should not hide that I had to fight a lot for my dreams as well. But it is starting to pay off, so all I can say is: I‘m glad I stayed strong!

When and how did you get to love rock/metal?
Rock is something I‘ve always been hypnotized by. It started with the „soft“ radio rock from Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne when I was 11, then later with about 12 or 13 a friend showed me Tarja Turunen, Slipknot and Evanescence. And BAM! I was HOOKED!! I still love bands like Nightwish, Epica, Ayreon, …

How did you met the members of Storm Seeker?
As soon as I started to learn the gurdy I was looking for a new band. I found them on social media as they were looking for a new violinist. I applied as a gurdist and got the job 😉

What reactions do you get in connection with your music in your country and worldwide?
I have never left Europe in my life so far (mid 2018). So I can only tell you about the online reactions from my international fans. And I am so astonished and flattered by the unbelievably big response I get every day. THANKS to everyone out there enjoying my music! In Europe I already get recognized in person on a regular basis, which is super awkward and super flattering at the same time. I definitely love meeting people that have a good taste in music 😉

What can you tell us about your personal life? What do you do for a living? Have you studied something?
I am finishing my bachelor in communication design at the moment. And in my free time I work like crazy on my upcoming album and other projects like that!

What are your plans for the near future?
Finishing my album is my next big goal. And then… Whatever life brings, I‘ll take it!

Have you got brothers of sisters?
I have an older and a younger sister. And NO, I dont give their phone numbers, haha!



Food: anything nice and vegan

Drink: tea, smoothie

Movie: I‘ve been enjoying the series VIKINGS lately!

Book: Teal Swan‘s

Color: white

Storm Seeker/Own song: my next single, which is not released yet!

Country: I love Iceland. It‘s mesmerizing

Sport: Sailing, running, cranking my gurdy

Pet: Cats!

Have you got any pet? No… I have 2 gurdies

Have you got an idol? I can get inspired by anything and anyone around me

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