Interview with Elyn Vandenwyngaert

We talked to Elyn, singer of Gallia. Thank her for the cooperation!

Hello Elyn! First of all, congratulations for your EP Everflame!

Thank you so much! It’s been so exciting to release our music into the world and the response has
been so positive.

When did you started singing? Was there a point in time when you decided that you wanted to
be a singer?

I’ve loved singing ever since I was little, I used to sing to my brothers all the time. It took a while
before I was confident enough to sing outside of my bedroom. When I was 15, I started taking
classical singing lessons and doing musicals, and it grew from there. I’ve always loved singing rock as
well, as I have a strong alto voice, and the last few years I’ve been taking rock singing classes to
become better in this genre.

How did your family feel about your connection with singing? Did they supported you and your

I come from a family of scientists and technical people, so my passion for the arts made me the odd
man out. They’ve always let me do my thing though, and never tried to steer me away from singing.
They tried to keep me grounded as much as they could, and made sure I had a career to fall back on
if singing wouldn’t work out. But they’ve always supported me in what I wanted to do.

When and how did you get to love rock/metal?

I’ve loved Evanescence and Within Temtation from when I was 14 years old, as well as rock artists
and bands. I really enjoy oldschool rock as well, such as Kansas, ACDC, The Allman Brothers Band,
Asia, … I just love the explosive energy that comes with it.

How did you met the members of Gallia and how did you become the lead singer?

I was contacted through facebook by Joachim, our band manager, to audition for Gallia. His girlfriend
used to take singing classes with me and she suggested me as their singer. I auditioned and I guess I
convinced them, because years later I’m still here. 🙂

What reactions do you get in connection with your music in your country and worldwide?

I’m actually really surprised that I recieved such positive feedback on the vocals for Gallia, as I have a
different voice than you would expect from a symphonic metalband. Symphonic metal usually
attracts soprano’s, preferably with a classical background, but as an alto, I bring a different sound to
the table. I was a bit scared that it would be too different from what the audience is familiar with,
but the reactions have been so wonderful and praising, I couldn’t be happier.

What is your best experience with your band so far?

Performing is by far my favorite thing, there’s something about being on stage together that really
connects you. To be able to experience this together, really unites us.

Did you have funny and/or strange moments during concerts?

Sometimes I get distracted by a really good guitar solo and forget to sing!

What can you tell us about your personal life? What do you do for a living? Have you studied

I have a bacholor’s degree in Communication Management and I currently work as a marketeer for
Spaas, a Belgian candle brand. I also work freelance as a graphic designer. My hobbies are singing of
course, playing in musicals, I’m taking guitar lessons – but I also love writing, painting, dancing,
acting,… I’m a pretty busy person! 🙂

What are your plans for the near future?

We have shows planned up until February with Gallia, and then we’re taking a year off to work on
the next album. During that year I am planning to travel a lot, mostly Asia. Hopefully I come back
with lots of inspiration for new songs!

General informations

Date and place of birth: 28/02/1992 in Heusden in Belgium
Hometown: Koersel (Belgium)
Original hair color: Blonde, but now dyed red.
Eye color: Blue/Green
Have you got brothers of sisters?
2 younger brothers
Hobbies: Singing, graphic design, acting in musicals, writing lyrics and stories, painting,…


Food: Sushi
Drink: Martini Bianco
Movie: Fame
Book: Eat Pray Love
Singer/Band: Cat Cunning, Calan Mai, Barn Swallow,…
Color: Black
Gallia song: Papercuts
Country: Indonesia
Sport: Hiking
Pet: Snake
Have you got any pet? Unfortunately no, but I want one in the future.
Have you got an idol? I love the vocal range and abilities of Floor Jansen! She is amazing.
What was the best day of your life? Receiving an advertising award, releasing our EP, my travels to
South Africa, Indonesia, Norway,… I have a few!

Thank you so much for the interview, and good luck to the future!
Thank you!