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  • Infy Snow – English version

    infyThe next piece of our biography series is about a lovely young singer, Infy Snow.

    Infy originally called Adi Berman was born in the Netherlands but moved to Israel with her family at the age of four so she grew up in Kibbutz Yotvata. She has been attracted to music from a very early age and started writing her own songs as a teenager.

    Despite being passionate about music she was a shy girl and has long ceased her singing in front of others. When she debuted in a local theater at the age of thirteen she surprised everybody, even her parents because her having been silent up to that point no one knew how well she could sing.

    Her debut album titled A Mortal’s Tear was released in 2015 and she has become the lead singer of the band Soul Torture the same year.


    In the next part Infy will tell us about her youth, her musical carrier and her personal life. We thank her for her cooperation!

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